Taboo Fantasy – Tabitha blackmailed and fucked

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TABITHA IS BLACKMAILED BY HER BIG BROTHER… LET ME FUCK YOU…. OR I SHOW MOM AND DAD YOUR REPORT CARD!!! Tabitha’s Brother is one big time booger-head!! Apparently….he has heard word around school that Tabitha is quite the hottie….and quite the fuck!!! When he finds her report card, hidden away….and sees that she is failing….he knows that Mom and Dad will ground her….and she will miss the big party coming up. He confronts his baby Sister…and Blackmails her!! Tabitha is told that unless she fucks her Brother…he will bring the report card to Mom and Dad. With no choice…Tabitha gives in…and starts sucking her mean Brother’s cock. To make matters even worse….he uses her as a total cum dumpster

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