Bare Back Studios – Alex Blake in Breaking Her Resistance

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“Alex where are you!” Step-Dad screams. “Who did you tell?” He grabs her and pulls her up from the couch. Everyone was looking at him at the gym and if she told anyone, Alex’s going to get punished hard. She pleads with him that she’s a good girl as he bends her over and takes out his paranoid frustration on her soft pussy.

Alex can’t fight back against her strong step-daddy and spreads her legs meekly for his big powerful dick. It destroys her, causing pain and pleasure to run through her body like cold ice. If she just can keep from cumming again she can maintain a shred of her dignity. But she can’t stop her body from betraying her and step-daddy rewards his little girl with a face full of cum.

Step-Mom comes home just in time to console her cum covered step-daughter.

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