ForbiddenPerversions – Casual Sex Mom Daughter and Dad

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Pixie and her mom, Tammie, are relaxing on the sofa, watching a movie. In walks dad, he’s about to head out for a night on the town with the boys. Tammie turns to Pixie, “Well go on darling, take care of your dad before he heads out.” Pixie starts to stroke her dad’s cock, but she’s a little too engrossed in the movie. “Pixie! Now come on, you can do better than that. Once this scene is over, I expect you to do it properly.” Pixie pays attention to her mom. She scuttles closer to her dad, taking his cock in her mouth. She proceeds to suck him off whilst she watches the movie with mom. Mom chats casually to dad as she watches her daughter take care of her dad. Conscious of the time, Tammie urges Pixie to give dad exactly what he wants so that he can relieve himself before his night out. Pixie gets on to all fours, resting her head in her mom’s lap as she lets her dad take her from behind. As dad silently strokes in and out of his daughter, Tammie and Pixie talk about the film, discussing their favourite scenes. Dad flips his daughter onto her back and starts to pound Pixie hard. He’s close to finishing.

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