Bare Back Studios – Haley Reed in A Daughters First Love

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Step-Daughter is the bed resting in a darkened bedroom wearing only t-shirt and boy-shorts. Buzzed Step-Father comes in and stands next to her bed. Startled Step-Daughter bolts upright in bed and pulls covers up to her chin and asks tentatively and fearfully, “What’s the matter Step-Dad?” Step-Father slurs and says, “My little girl, my beautiful little girl.” and staggers towards her. He strokes her hair and leans over to kiss her. She pulls away and starts to look scared. He gets on the bed; unbuckles & unzips his pants, gets on top of her, pulls down the covers, while trying to kiss her on the mouth, when he gets to covers down, he pulls off her panties and t-shirt and screws her. A tear forms and runs down her cheek as she struggles and tries to push him off, and begs the whole time. The is her first time and it hurts when he enters her.

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