Taboo Fantasy – PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!

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Susanna has done wrong. When she had her friends over…she borrowed her Step-Brother’s iPad without permission….and one of her friends accidentally sat on it….completely breaking it!! When she goes to confess her wrongdoing to her Step-Brother, he is furious! Susanna offers to Pay him back with her weekly allowance….but Brad points out that her allowance is a mere $25 per week….and the iPad was worth $800!!! Brad tells Susanna that he will have to make her “Payback” her debt in a different way! Brad makes his tiny little Step-Sister take a Fucking!!! Susanna is to take her mean big Step-Brother’s cock down her throat….she is spanked hard until she cries….she is Fucked hard without mercy…..and then she is to swallow every drop of his disgusting sperm!! Payback is a Bitch!!!!

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