Rebecca Stilles 69 – Misbehaving Puppy Girl

I start off with my Daddy invited onto the bed, he pets me lovingly and hands me a squeaky toy to chew, a few playful squeaks turn into constant squeaking on my part and Daddy has to correct me, he fucks me with my toy a little on the bed but decides we need more room. Next scene is on the floor filming while I eagerly lick and suck Daddy’s cock. He takes out my tail plug and gets to work using my squeaky toy on me. We go back and forth between sucking Daddy’s cock and fucking my puppy cunt with that squeaky. Then I’m taken to the bed to get fucked hard doggy style with my leash being pulled while I cum. After Daddy fills my little pussy with a hot creampie I spend the last minute or so trying to push out my creampie into my doggy bowl.

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