Bare Back Studios – Stealing My Daughter’s Innocence – Use Your Daughter

We hear sounds that can only be rough sex. A bedroom is revealed. On top, Dad is forcing himself onto Mom. She hates it. Dad is calling her foul names ;cunt, whore, cuntmeat, worthless,

Dad isn’t getting any pleasure from it. Mom’s pussy is too worn out for him to feel anything. He says as much and flips her over to fuck her from behind. She becomes desperate and begins to flail to stop him. He overpowers her. Mom starts screaming, “This hurts!” He keeps going. In her desperation she yells out, “Use your daughter, please!” Dad stops, thinks it over. He violently grabs her hair and pulls her head back. He spits in her face and says, And leaves the room. Mom stays on the bed crying. She curls up into a fetal position.

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