The two women break out in a hair pulling match, then they swing their , bludgeoning each other until their faces are flushed and bruised. The girls end up on the floor rolling around and slapping each other when John enters.

John breaks the news to Kissa, “I want to see which woman is best for me. Kissa you’re a fine woman, but things are getting very serious between you and I, and I’m not sure either of us are ready for a commitment. This is Jessica Rhodes, she’s not just an escort, she’s a scientist, doctor, and world-renowned author with three graduate degrees. She’s also a Sexol?o? gist with a PhD in Sexual Health an author with 3 best selling titles under her belt including, “A Kiss to Seal Any Deal,” “How to Make Love like a Porn Star,” and “Kinetic Sex Explained for Advanced Lovers.” He asks the women to kiss

Jessa says, “no, there’s no way I will kiss her,” she wipes the sweat from her brow. John dismissively tells her, “Alright, Jessica it was nice to meet you. I’ll call a cab and they’ll be here in five.” Jessa panics, he’s the biggest tipper she’s ever had, and if he was with Kissa for six months, he’ll surely be with her for double that amount of time. Kissa reads the panic on Jessa’s face, she looks at John, he’s cold, he’s never been that way to her. She can tell that he is not interested in being with either woman if they don’t play his game. Kissa leans in and whispers, “if you leave, we both lose.” Jessa looks at her, they understand, they have to kiss each other, they must do whatever John tells them to do to win him. May the best girl win.

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